Who am I? What is this?

Hi! I’m an adult illustrator specializing in anthro art and the occasional feral piece.

This website serves as a portfolio for my more polished stuff and to make me less dependent on other services.

You can find a more extensive gallery and information on commission availability and pricing here:

Follow my Twitter for regular updates, WIP shots and funny shitposts
twitter.com/laserpaints (NSFW)
twitter.com/1horsep0wer (SFW)

also at home on Bluesky!

and I have a telegram feed:

If you wanna support my Art, check out my Patreon and my Redbubble store:

On Patreon you can also find extra edits and Hi Res (8K) versions of the images posted here

What is Hides?

Hides is a tongue-in-cheek, low fantasy universe I am developing, purely for fun. The main way I explore it right now is through illustrations and accompanying stories, but a game is planned. I don’t want to make this just another visual novel game, so I take some time with worldbuilding and development. Check out my progress on the whole project on patreon and my discord!

Where can I get a zip of all your works?

Working on that. Stay tuned!

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